Divx Direct - April 7, 1999 Edition

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Divx Direct - April 7, 1999

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Hot New Releases

Brad Pitt and Academy Award(R)-winner Anthony
Hopkins enter into a most unusual gentleman's
agreement when Death decides to learn more about
life. Wealthy media tycoon William Parrish
(Hopkins) leads a charmed existence until Death
(Pitt) comes calling with an extraordinary
proposition - he'll delay Bill's imminent demise
in exchange for a tour of life. Innocent,
enigmatic and often hilarious, Joe (Pitt) disrupts
Bill's world of privilege and corporate intrigue.
But when he falls for Bill's beautiful daughter
(Claire Forlani), Joe threatens to change the
rules. Now Bill must fight not for his future, but
for those he loves in this bittersweet tale of
life and death.
Rated PG-13

Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover play the
unforgettable lead roles in a powerful, widely
acclaimed cinematic triumph from Jonathan Demme -
the Academy Award(r)-winning director of "The
Silence of the Lambs"! On a difficult journey to
find freedom, Sethe (Winfrey) is constantly
confronted by the secrets that have haunted her
for years. Then, an old friend from out of her
past (Glover) unexpectedly reenters her life. With
his help, Sethe may finally be able to rediscover
who she is and regain her lost sense of hope.
You'll agree with critics everywhere who've hailed
this landmark adaptation of Toni Morrison's
Pulitzer Prize-winning novel as one of the year's
finest films!
Rated R

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Other New Releases - 4/6/99

A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries (R)

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to order this and other great new movies now!

Advance Ordering - Reserve Your Copy Now

The following movies can be ordered in advance on
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Expect these and other great Divx movies to arrive
in stores on the stated release date.

The Siege (R)
Simon Birch (PG-13)

At First Sight (PG-13)

BABE Pig in the City (G)

Best Men (R)
Evidence Of Blood (PG-13)
High Art (R)
Velvet Goldmine (R)

A Cool, Dry Place (PG-13)
Holy Man (PG)
The Impostors (R)

>From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (R)
Monument Ave. (R)

*Release dates are subject to change without
notice. Advance orders are shipped to arrive on
or about the release date.

Movies Released For DivxSilver Conversion!

You can now convert your copy of these movies to
unlimited play (DivxSilver):

Now Available:
Children of the Revolution (R)
The House of Yes (R)
Krippendorf's Tribe (PG-13)
The Last Dance (R)
Mrs. Brown (PG)
Washington Square (PG)
The Wings of the Dove (R)

This Week In Theaters

Premiering this Friday, April 9, in theaters
everywhere is Drew Barrymore's hilarious new
romantic comedy from Fox 2000 Pictures, "Never
Been Kissed."

"Never Been Kissed" features Barrymore as the
brainy-but-geeky Josie, a copy editor on her first
assignment as a reporter - to go undercover as a
student at a Chicago high school! Now the
inexperienced-in-life 25-year-old Josie (who never,
as she laments, has really been kissed) must
relive her horrific adolescence, negotiate high
school's social and emotional land mines, and
figure out a potential new love... all while
trying to write her first big story as a reporter!

Don't miss "Never Been Kissed" star Drew Barrymore
in these movies available NOW on DIVX!:
Bad Girls
Best Men (Coming May 11th!)
Ever After
Everyone Says I Love You

Also catch co-star David Arquette in these great
movies, also on Divx:
Scream 2

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Great Expectations for Gwyneth

It seems that since she won this year's Academy
Award(r) for Best Actress, fans just can't seem to
get enough of Gwyneth Paltrow.

This talented young actress has showbiz in her
blood. Her mother is actress Blythe Danner, who
has appeared in the movie "The X-Files" (on Divx)
and is starring in this summer's upcoming "Love
Letters." Her father is producer/director Bruce

Born September 28, 1972 in Los Angeles, she
attended the University of California Santa
Barbara and got her start in the Williamstown
Theater in Massachusetts. First seen in 1991 on
the big screen with John Travolta in "Shout" and
as the young Wendy in "Hook," she soon after
appeared in the films "Malice," "Mrs. Parker and
the Vicious Circle," and "Jefferson in Paris." In
1995, she played the wife of sleuth Brad Pitt in
"Seven," and began an offscreen, well-publicized,
short-lived romance with Pitt.

She achieved considerable critical and popular
acclaim as the meddlesome, sharp-tongued, yet
lovable title character Emma Woodhouse in the
film adaptation of the Jane Austen novel "Emma"
(available on Divx). She went on to star with
David Schwimmer (TV's "Friends") in the romantic
comedy "The Pallbearer" (available on Divx), and
early last year she starred in a modern recreation
of the Charles Dickens novel "Great Expectations"
(also available on Divx). Her crowning achievement
thus far has been, of course, winning a Best
Actress Oscar(r) for her leading role in 1999's
Best Picture Oscar(r) winner "Shakespeare In Love"
(as well as ending another offscreen romance with
co-star Ben Affleck).

Later this year she will appear in the film
"Duets," directed by none other than her father,
Bruce Paltrow.

Order "Emma," "The Pallbearer," and "Great Expectations,"
on Divx at http://www.divx.com/divx_direct.htm

Divx Trivia Game

Play the Divx Trivia Game. Clues to all five
questions can be found on our website,

Answers to these trivia questions can be found at

1) Born in Beirut, Lebanon to an English mother
and a Hawaiian-Chinese father, raised in Australia
and Canada, this young actor got his start in
Toronto's Second City improv group. He appears in
the Divx movies "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure,"
"Chain Reaction," "Point Break," "Speed," and "A
Walk in the Clouds." Who is he?

2) This ruggedly handsome actor/director/producer
led a restless early life, first following his
father all over the West Coast pumping gas during
the Depression and then working as a logger and
steel-furnace stoker. After four years in the Army
Special Services he got his break as an actor on
the television series "Rawhide." He can be seen in
the Divx movies "The Beguiled," "Escape From
Alcatraz," "For a Few Dollars More," "Hang 'em
High," "High Plains Drifter," and "Joe Kidd."
Who is he?

3) A recent Academy Award(r) nominee, this likable
everyman actor/director/producer also wandered
around California as a youth following his father,
an itinerant cook. After majoring in theater in
college and early theater work in New York, he got
his first national exposure on the television
sitcom "Bosom Buddies." He can be seen in the Divx
movies "Apollo 13," "Bachelor Party," "Big," "that
thing you do!" (which he also directed), and
"Turner & Hooch." Who is he?

4) "Meet Joe Black," released this week on Divx,
stars a handsome young blond from Oklahoma who made
a strong impression as the young lover of Geena
Davis in "Thelma and Louise" and received an
Oscar(r) nomination and a Golden Globe award for
his manic, offbeat performance in Terry Gilliam's
"12 Monkeys." Who is he?

5) Also released this week on Divx, "Beloved" stars
this likable, versatile character and leading man.
Another native Californian, he received his training
at the Black Actors Workshop of the American
Conservatory Theater and made his movie debut
playing an inmate in "Escape From Alcatraz." He
can also be seen in other Divx movies such as "Gone
Fishin'" and "Pure Luck." Who is he?

These movies and more are available NOW on Divx!
Visit http://www.divx.com/trivia.htm to order today!

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