Divx Direct - April 14, 1999 Edition

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Divx Direct - April 14, 1999

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Hot New Releases

Fame, fortune and family - growing up in Paris in
the 1960s, Channe Willis (Leelee Sobieski) has
everything... a loving mother (Barbara Hershey)
and a famous father (Kris Kristofferson) who's a
war hero turned best-selling novelist. But as
Channe deals with the universal challenges of
adolescence, she soon faces additional changes -
the struggle to accept an adopted brother while
trying to overcome the feeling of being a
foreigner, not only in France, but again when the
family moves back to the United States.
Rated R

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Other New Releases - 4/13/99

Picture Perfect
Sudden Death
That Old Feeling

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Advance Ordering - Reserve Your Copy Now

The following movies can be ordered in advance on
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Expect these and other great Divx movies to arrive
in stores on the stated release date.

The Siege (R)
Simon Birch (PG-13)

At First Sight (PG-13)

BABE Pig in the City (G)

Best Men (R)
Evidence Of Blood (PG-13)
High Art (R)
Velvet Goldmine (R)

A Cool, Dry Place (PG-13)
Holy Man (PG)
The Impostors (R)
In Dreams (R)

>From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (R)
Monument Ave. (R)

*Release dates are subject to change without
notice. Advance orders are shipped to arrive on
or about the release date.

This Week In Theaters

Premiering this Friday, April 16, in theaters
everywhere is "Life," an Eddie Murphy film that
begins in New York City, 1932. After sweet-talking
his way into Club Spanky's a swank nightclub,
small-time hustler Ray Gibson (Murphy) "lifts" the
wallet of the naive Claude Banks (Martin Lawrence),
an aspiring bank teller.

But when Ray goes to pay off gambling debts owed
to Spanky (Rick James), he finds that Claude, a
fellow gambler, is broke as well. When Spanky
suggests a way for the boys to pay him back, they
have no idea that the job is the beginning of a
series of events which will drastically alter the
course of their lives. Their dreams of life in
pin-striped suits are replaced with a permanent
future in striped prison uniforms when, on a
smuggling run for Spanky, they are wrongly
convicted of murder - and sentenced to life
imprisonment at a Mississippi State Prison.

Over the course of the next 60 years, Ray and
Claude witness hardship and kindness, cruelty and
forgiveness, life and death, but their humorous
outlook on life prevails as their friendship
deepens and endures. Together, they never lose
hope that one day, somehow, they will once again
walk outside the prison walls as free men.

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48 HRS
Another 48 HRS
Coming to America
The Distinguished Gentleman
Dr. Dolittle
The Golden Child
The Nutty Professor

Also catch co-star Martin Lawrence in
"Nothing to Lose", also on Divx.

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Keanu's Excellent Adventures

With his latest feature film at the top of the box
office, the movie-going public is noticing that
Keanu Reeves makes a great action hero.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon to an English mother and a
Hawaiian-Chinese father, Keanu (whose name
means "cool breeze over the mountains" in Hawaiian)
was named after his great, great-uncle. Raised in
Toronto with his two sisters, Karina and Kim, Keanu
was an MVP hockey goalie in high school. He dropped
out when he was 17 to become an actor, performing
in various local theater productions and on
television before relocating to Los Angeles. His
mother was a costume designer for rock stars such
as Alice Cooper, and his step-father, Paul Aaron,
is a film and stage director.

Best known for his starring role in the box-office
mega-hit "Speed," his first widely-acclaimed role
was in Tim Hunter's "River's Edge." After playing
in several little known films, his face became
well-known as Steve Martin's son-in-law in
"Parenthood," as an undercover FBI agent in "Point
Break," and as the indomitable Ted in the popular
"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure." Reeves played
Don John in the film adaptation of Shakespeare's
"Much Ado About Nothing," followed by his role as
Prince Siddhartha in Miramax's "Little Buddha."
More recently, he has starred in the period drama
"A Walk In The Clouds," and the action film "Chain
Reaction." He has worked with acclaimed directors
such as Ron Howard, Bernardo Bertolucci, Francis
Ford Coppola, and Gus Van Sant.

Winner of the 1992 MTV Movie Award for "Most
Desirable Male," Keanu's hobbies, largely inspired
by movie roles, include horseback riding, surfing
and ballroom dancing. His 1974 motorcycle is among
his most prized possessions (although he was
almost killed and carries an abdominal scar from a
motorcycle wreck). While not making movies, he can
often be seen playing bass guitar for the band

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Chain Reaction
Point Break
A Walk in the Clouds

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Did You Know...

Once a Divx player is registered, it doesn't call
in each time you watch a movie. The player uses
the phone line only about twice per month to
communicate information about new movies and
billing. Utilizing the Divx feature does not
require a separate phone line. If a phone jack is
not convenient to the player location, you can use
a wireless phone jack, which works through normal
electrical outlets.

Trivia Answers Return To Divx Direct

You may have noticed that for the last two weeks,
the trivia answers were posted on-line at our
website (http://www.divx.com/trivia.htm) instead
of being posted in the following week's newsletter.
We did this to allow our readers to check their
guesses right away instead of having to wait a
week for the answers. However, due to feedback
we have received from our readers, we have decided
to publish the previous week's answers in addition
to posting them on the internet. This way, you can
choose to wait until next week for the answers or
you can go to our website and check them right away!

We highly value the feedback we receive from our
readers. If you have any comments or suggestions
on how the Divx Direct newsletter can further
enhance your experience with Divx, please e-mail
us at feedback@divxflix.com. Thank You!

Divx Trivia Game

Play the Divx Trivia Game. Clues to all five
questions can be found on our website,

Answers to these trivia questions can be found at
http://www.divx.com/trivia.htm and will be
included in our next newsletter.

1) Which country singer takes a thespian turn in
"Sling Blade" and "The Newton Boys?"

2) This actress is not a country singer, but is
the daughter and sister to two well-known southern
chanteuses. She has starred in "Kiss The Girls,"
"The Locusts" and the upcoming "Simon Birch." Who
is she?

3) A native of Brownsville, this singer with a
tinge of Texas stars in "A Soldier's Daughter
Never Cries" (released just last week on Divx).
Who is he?

4) This country crooner made her big screen debut
fending off giant worms in "Tremors." Who is she?

5) Which country star played a good guy helping
out trucker Patrick Swayze in "Black Dog?"

These movies and more are available NOW on Divx!
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Last Week's Answers:

1) Born in Beirut, Lebanon to an English mother
and a Hawaiian-Chinese father, raised in Australia
and Canada, this young actor got his start in
Toronto's Second City improv group. He appears in
the Divx movies "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure,"
"Chain Reaction," "Point Break," "Speed," and "A
Walk in the Clouds." Who is he?
Answer: Keanu Reeves

2) This ruggedly handsome actor/director/producer
led a restless early life, first following his
father all over the West Coast pumping gas during
the Depression and then working as a logger and
steel-furnace stoker. After four years in the Army
Special Services he got his break as an actor on
the television series "Rawhide." He can be seen in
the Divx movies "The Beguiled," "Escape From
Alcatraz," "For a Few Dollars More," "Hang 'em
High," "High Plains Drifter," and "Joe Kidd."
Who is he?
Answer: Clint Eastwood

3) A recent Academy Award(r) nominee, this likable
everyman actor/director/producer also wandered
around California as a youth following his father,
an itinerant cook. After majoring in theater in
college and early theater work in New York, he got
his first national exposure on the television
sitcom "Bosom Buddies." He can be seen in the Divx
movies "Apollo 13," "Bachelor Party," "Big," "that
thing you do!" (which he also directed), and
"Turner & Hooch." Who is he?
Answer: Tom Hanks

4) "Meet Joe Black," released this week on Divx,
stars a handsome young blond from Oklahoma who made
a strong impression as the young lover of Geena
Davis in "Thelma and Louise" and received an
Oscar(r) nomination and a Golden Globe award for
his manic, offbeat performance in Terry Gilliam's
"12 Monkeys." Who is he?
Answer: Brad Pitt

5) Also released this week on Divx, "Beloved" stars
this likable, versatile character and leading man.
Another native Californian, he received his training
at the Black Actors Workshop of the American
Conservatory Theater and made his movie debut
playing an inmate in "Escape From Alcatraz." He
can also be seen in other Divx movies such as "Gone
Fishin'" and "Pure Luck." Who is he?
Answer: Danny Glover

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