Divx Direct - April 22, 1999 Edition

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Divx Direct - April 22, 1999

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**Universal's "Babe" Half Price!**

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Hot New Releases

Bruce Willis, Denzel Washington, and Annette
Bening deliver action and mayhem in this
edge-of-your-seat thrill ride from the director of
"Courage Under Fire" and "Glory". When a crowded
city bus blows up in Brooklyn and a campaign of
terror begins to make its bloody mark on the
streets of New York, it's up to FBI special agent
Anthony "Hub" Hubbard (Washington) and U.S. Army
General William Devereaux (Willis) to find out
who's responsible... and put an end to the
destruction. Together, they face explosive danger
at every turn when they team up to wage an all-out
war against a ruthless band of terrorists.
Rated R

A heartwarming and funny hit that's earned
overwhelming critical acclaim, Simon Birch
features great performances from stars Ashley Judd
and Oliver Platt in an outstanding cast! Even
though Simon Birch is the smallest kid in town,
deep down he knows that he was born to do
something big! On a constant search to discover
his destiny, he somehow manages to find nothing
but trouble! Meanwhile, Simon's loyal best friend
Joe is searching for the identity of his father, a
secret his beautiful mother (Judd) has guarded
Joe's entire life. As these two share the
hilarious... and sometimes tragic... ups and downs
that will forever bind them together, discover for
yourself the undeniable charms of this uplifting
and inspirational motion picture!
Rated PG

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Other New Releases - 4/20/99

Army of Darkness (R)
Best Men (R)
Conan the Destroyer (PG)
The Crucible (PG-13)
Evidence of Blood (PG-13)
For Whom the Bell Tolls (NR)
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (R)
Guadalcanal Diary (NR)
High Art (R)
The Jerk (R)
The Longest Day (NR)
Smokey and the Bandit (PG)
Spartacus (PG-13)
WarGames (PG)

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Advance Ordering - Reserve Your Copy Now

The following movies can be ordered in advance on
our website, http://www.divx.com/divx_direct.htm

Expect these and other great Divx movies to arrive
in stores on the stated release date.

At First Sight (PG-13)

BABE Pig in the City (G)

Velvet Goldmine (R)

A Cool, Dry Place (PG-13)
Holy Man (PG)
The Impostors (R)
In Dreams (R)

>From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (R)
Monument Ave. (R)

*Release dates are subject to change without
notice. Advance orders are shipped to arrive on
or about the release date.

Universal's "Babe" Half Price!

In honor of the release of "Babe: Pig in the City"
on Divx on May 4, watch the original "Babe"
anytime between April 25 and May 24, 1999 and get
4 days for the price of 2! All initial and
subsequent viewings will play for four days
instead of the usual 2 during this special 30-day

Or you can purchase "Babe" for Half Price! During
this special 30 day period, you can convert "Babe"
to DivxSilver (unlimited viewing) for just $7.49!
(Regular price is $14.99)

This offer is good only through May 24, 1999.

This Week In Theaters

Premiering this Friday, April 23, in theaters
everywhere is "Pushing Tin," a comedy about life,
love, airplanes and other bumpy rides. John Cusack
stars as air traffic control-freak Nick Falzone,
who "pushes tin" at New York's Terminal Radar
Approach Control (TRACON) center. Part catacomb,
part frat house, TRACON is the chaotic air traffic
facility on Long Island that handles up to 7,000
flights a day into and out of the finite airspace
above Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark airports.
Nick works the Newark radar scopes, the busiest of
them all, and he is the best of the best. If you
don't believe it, just ask him.

That is, until Russell Bell (Billy Bob Thornton)
comes to town. After stints in Albuquerque,
Phoenix and Denver, Russell - a cross between a
motorcycle-riding cowboy and a Zen master - has
come to New York looking for heavier traffic.
This is the same guy who once stood in the
turbulence wake of a departing 747 just to see
what it felt like. Call him crazy... he'll take it
as a compliment.

Fueled by caffeine and machismo, a rivalry ensues
between Nick and Russell. The one-upmanship
becomes a contest of wits and wills, where stress
is the great equalizer and bravado is the lowest
common denominator, a game where the winner - not
the loser - could lose it all: his job, his
marriage, his mind.

Don't miss "Pushing Tin" star John Cusack
in these movies available NOW on DIVX!:
Bullets Over Broadway
Con Air
Grosse Pointe Blank

Catch co-star Billy Bob Thornton in:
The Apostle
Dead Man
Primary Colors
Sling Blade

Also catch co-star Cate Blanchett in "Oscar and
Lucinda", also on Divx!

And don't miss Angelina Jolie in "Hackers" and
"Playing God" on Divx!

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Did You Know... Earth Day Special

Earth Day has for years been a day when we all
raise our awareness of the environmental impacts
of our everyday lives and habits, in hopes that
that awareness will last throughout the year. In
honor of Earth Day (April 22), we would like to
show you how, using the Earth-friendly tenets of
Re-use and Recycle, Divx discs can be
environmentally friendly.

Keep Divx Movies: Divx discs can be played again
and again, at about a one-third savings over the
original purchase price. After you have used the
initial 48-hour viewing period on a disc, put it
back on your shelf. You never know when you or a
guest will want to watch the movie again, and by
collecting Divx movies you are building a very
affordable home rental library.

Trade Divx Movies: If you don't want to hang on to
your previously viewed Divx discs, you can always
trade them with friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
Trading your discs has the added benefit of getting
a Divx movie you haven't seen for over $1 less than
the new disc price.

Build a Communal Divx Library at Work: Bring your
previously viewed Divx discs to work, and allow
your co-workers to borrow them. If enough people
participate in bringing in their unwanted discs,
you could have a great selection of movies to
borrow and enjoy yourself!

If re-using your Divx discs does not appeal to you,
then rest easy knowing that Divx discs can be
recycled as well. Retailers of Divx discs have
recycling bins for those consumers wishing to
dispose of their discs in an environmentally
friendly way.

Like DVDs and CDs, Divx discs are made of a
polycarbonate plastic that is recyclable. When you
recycle a Divx disc in the special recycling bins,
the discs are sent to a special recycling center
which turns the used discs into material used for
road construction.

Divx Trivia Game

Play the Divx Trivia Game. Clues to all five
questions can be found on our website,

Answers to these trivia questions can be found at
http://www.divx.com/trivia.htm and will be
included in our next newsletter.

1) The creator of "YO! MTV Raps," this young
director helmed the upcoming film "Life" starring
Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. His previous
credits include "Beautiful Girls" and "Monument
Ave." Who is he?

2) This "Beloved" director has a long string of
credits, including "Married to the Mob." Who is
he? (Hint: He is the uncle of the director
mentioned above.)

3) Handsome leading actor and sometimes villain,
he was killed off early in "Married to the Mob,"
battled Anthony Hopkins as well as a grizzly bear
in "The Edge," was a sinister government operative
in "Mercury Rising," and was Melanie Griffith's
working-class boyfriend in "Working Girl." Who is

4) Also appearing in "Mercury Rising" and "The
Siege," this actor tended bar and appeared in
jeans commercials before coming to national
attention for his role as a suave, wisecracking
detective on the TV series "Moonlighting." Who
is he?

5) This powerhouse young actor, who can currently
be seen at the theaters in "Forces of Nature,"
also stars in "Armageddon." Winner of an Academy
Award(r) for the "Good Will Hunting" screenplay
(in which he also appeared). Who is he?

These movies and more are available NOW on Divx!
Visit http://www.divx.com/trivia.htm to order today!

Last Week's Answers:

1) Which country singer takes a thespian turn in
"Sling Blade" and "The Newton Boys?"
Answer: Dwight Yoakam

2) This actress is not a country singer, but is
the daughter and sister to two well-known southern
chanteuses. She has starred in "Kiss The Girls,"
"The Locusts" and the upcoming "Simon Birch." Who
is she?
Answer: Ashley Judd

3) A native of Brownsville, this singer with a
tinge of Texas stars in "A Soldier's Daughter
Never Cries" (released just last week on Divx).
Who is he?
Answer: Kris Kristofferson

4) This country crooner made her big screen debut
fending off giant worms in "Tremors." Who is she?
Answer: Reba McEntire

5) Which country star played a good guy helping
out trucker Patrick Swayze in "Black Dog?"
Answer: Randy Travis

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