Divx Direct - May 13, 1999 Edition

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Divx Direct - May 13, 1999

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**Hot New Releases**

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**Universal's "Babe" Half Price**

**This Week In Theaters**

**Countdown To "Star Wars"**

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Hot New Releases

Starring Ewan McGregor ("Star Wars: Episode I,"
"Trainspotting") and Jonathan Rhys Meyers -
executive producer Michael Stipe of R.E.M. presents
this electrifying journey through rock 'n' roll's
most outrageous era! It's been 10 years since
glam-rock superstar Brian Slade (Meyers) faked his
own death and vanished from the spotlight. Now,
it's the job of an investigative reporter, Arthur
Stuart, to locate this living legend and uncover
the truth behind his disappearance! Through the
course of Stuart's investigation, you're taken for
a wild, all-access guided tour back into a vibrant
music scene... for an uncompromising look at the
flamboyance and excesses of its larger-than-life
stars! Acclaimed by critics, Velvet Goldmine also
earned an Award of Merit at the prestigious
Cannes Film Festival!
Rated R

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Other New Releases - 5/11/99

Alice in Wonderland (G)
The Cowboy Way (PG-13)
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (PG)
Monument Ave. (R)
The World of Henry Orient (NR)
Young Frankenstein (PG)

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Advance Ordering - Reserve Your Copy Now

The following movies can be ordered in advance on
our website, http://www.divx.com/divx_direct.htm

Expect these and other great Divx movies to arrive
in stores on the stated release date.

A Cool, Dry Place (PG-13)
Holy Man (PG)
The Impostors (R)
In Dreams (R)

>From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (R)

Waking Ned Devine (PG)

Gods and Monsters (R)
Psycho (1998 version) (R)

Enemy of the State (R)
The Faculty (R)
Just the Ticket (R)
Little Voice (R)

Mighty Joe Young (PG)
Patch Adams (PG-13)

Everest (NR)
The Mighty (PG-13)
Rushmore (R)
The Thin Red Line (R)

*Release dates are subject to change without
notice. Advance orders are shipped to arrive on
or about the release date.

Universal's "Babe" Half Price

In honor of the release of "BABE Pig in the City"
on Divx last week, watch the original "Babe"
anytime through May 24, 1999 and get 4 days for
the price of 2! All initial and subsequent
viewings will play for four days instead of the
usual 2 during this special 30-day period!

Or you can purchase unlimited play on "Babe" for
Half Price! During this special 30 day period, you
can convert "Babe" to DivxSilver (unlimited viewing)
for just $7.49! (Regular price is $14.99)

This offer is good only through May 24, 1999.

This Week In Theaters

One of the most magical and enchanting of his
plays, William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's
Dream" is playing now in theaters everywhere.
The ninth film adaptation of this immortal play,
this one should prove to be the most lush,
delightful, spellbinding, sensual, and magical of
them all.

After being ordered by the Duke to obey her father
and marry a man she does not love, Hermia (Anna
Friel) and her true love Lysander (Dominic West)
flee into the forest to elope. The couple is
pursued by Hermia's betrothed, Demetrius (Christian
Bale), and her best friend Helena (Calista
Flockhart), who is in love with Demetrius. Bound
for the same woods are a band of amateur thespians,
(including their star, Bottom the Weaver (Kevin
Kline), the ham of all hams and a comical figure in
the village), in search of a secluded spot to
rehearse their play.

Unknown to lovers and thespians alike, their
journey into the dark forest has brought them near
the secret home of the fairies, where the fairy
trickster Puck (Stanley Tucci) administers a
powerful love potion that causes the lovers to mix
and match with outrageous results. As for the
theater troupe, their rehearsal is about to be
interrupted when Bottom, succumbing to Puck's
spells, becomes a pawn in the love games of Oberon
and Titania (Rupert Everett and Michelle Pfeiffer),
the King and Queen of the fairies.

Don't miss the Fairy Queen of "A Midsummer Night's
Dream" Michelle Pfeiffer in these movies available
Dangerous Minds
Married to the Mob
One Fine Day
A Thousand Acres
Up Close and Personal

Don't miss Rupert Everett, the jealous King, in
these movies available NOW on DIVX!:
Dunston Checks In
The Madness of King George

Also catch co-star and comic genius Kevin Kline
in these Divx classics:
Fierce Creatures
In & Out
A Fish Called Wanda
The Ice Storm
French Kiss

You can see co-star Stanley Tucci (Puck) in these
other great movies on Divx:
The Impostors
A Life Less Ordinary

Also catch co-star Calista Flockhart in "The Birdcage"
on Divx!

And don't miss Christian Bale in "Velvet Goldmine,"
new this week on Divx!

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these movies now!

Countdown To "Star Wars"

Only 6 more days to go before the long-awaited
"Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" finally
opens at theaters EVERYWHERE on May 19th. Obi-Wan
Kenobi is back in this prequel to the famous film
trilogy, this time in his young persona as played
by hot young Scottish actor Ewan McGregor. For
McGregor, acting in "Star Wars" is a family
tradition which was started by his uncle Denis
Lawson. Lawson was in all three of the original
films as X-wing fighter pilot Wedge (who, as all
good "Star Wars" fans know, was the only fighter
pilot other than Luke to survive all 3 films).

Born March 31, 1971 and raised in the rural town of
Crieff, Scotland, Ewan has always had his eye on
stardom. He and his brother, now a Royal Air Force
pilot, went to a local boarding school where their
father taught gym. At age 16 Ewan's parents allowed
him to drop out to pursue an acting career. Shortly
thereafter he entered the Guildhall School of Music
and Drama in London, again quitting just before
graduation to join the cast of a British television

At 25 Ewan exploded onto the cinema screens of the
world as the heroin junkie anti-hero Mark Renton in
"Trainspotting" (available on Divx). A wild mix of
rebellious action and wicked humor, "Trainspotting"
is the story of four friends who try to make it in
the world on their own terms... and who end up
planning the ultimate scam! His overnight fame led
next to a very different type of character: Gwyneth
Paltrow's foppish love interest in the film
adaptation of Jane Austen's novel "Emma" (also
available on Divx).

Ewan next starred as the lovable horn player Andy
in Disney's "Brassed Off!" (on Divx), a story about
two old friends - and ex-lovers - whose surprise
reunion turns their lives... and the lives of
everyone else in town... hilariously upside down!
He then rejoined the creators of "Trainspotting"
to play a hapless janitor who impulsively kidnaps
his tycoon boss's spoiled daughter (Cameron Diaz)
in the twisted romantic comedy "A Life Less
Ordinary" (on Divx). Ewan next starred in the
suspense thriller "Nightwatch" (on Divx), playing
a cash-strapped law student working as the city
morgue night watchman... and being set up to take
the blame for a series of grisly murders.

In "Velvet Goldmine," (new this week on DIVX) Ewan
reaches a new level of artistry, playing a
drug-addicted, psychotic, bisexual glam-superstar
loosely based on Iggy Pop and Lou Reed. The manic
concert scenes (which he sang himself) become more
plausible when you learn that as a kid he pretended
to be Elvis, and as a teen he spiked his
red-painted hair and idolized Billy Idol while
playing in the band "Scarlet Pride." McGregor
accomplishes yet another complete role-reversal in
the critically-acclaimed "Little Voice" (coming to
Divx on 6/15). In the story of a painfully shy girl
who can only express herself by singing the music
of others, Ewan plays the unobtrusive neighbor who
takes time away from his beloved racing pigeons to
care for her.

Despite his penchant for brilliant acting in small
independent films, Ewan has long expressed a desire
to play the "big time," stating that he has "always
wanted to go to Hollywood, drive big cars and be in
big movies." Well, he got his wish. Nothing is
BIGGER than the next installment of the "Star Wars"
saga. Only six years old when the first installment
was released, Ewan watched his Uncle Denis in "Star
Wars" over 100 times as a child. Now he gets to
play the young Kenobi in the first three episodes.
"I've been waiting twenty years to have my own light
saber," Ewan says, "Nothing's cooler than being a
Jedi Knight."

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Did You Know

There is no service charge, annual or monthly fee
for maintaining an account with Divx, or for the
periodic toll-free call your player makes. Divx
customers are only billed for transactions that
they authorize, such as subsequent viewing periods
or for converting a disc to DivxSilver (unlimited

Divx Trivia Game

Play the Divx Trivia Game. Clues to all five
questions can be found on our website,

Answers to these trivia questions can be found at
http://www.divx.com/trivia.htm and will be
included in our next newsletter.

1) The distinctive voice of this Connecticut native,
ex-wife of John Malkovich, can be heard as Zootie
the Chimp in "BABE Pig In The City," out this week
on Divx. She can also be seen in "Mr. Holland's
Opus" and "Sgt. Bilko," as well as in "The X-Files"
as an uncredited barmaid. Who is she?

2) After a long spell away from the movies, this
actress, best known for her teen roles in "War
Games" and "The Breakfast Club" did a critically
acclaimed star turn as a brilliant yet troubled
photographer in "High Art." Who is she?

3) A Broadway stage actress, she won a Tony in 1985
for "A Day in the Death of Joe Egg," and originated
the role of Ouisa Kittredge in "Six Degrees of
Separation" (available on Divx) on the stage in New
York's Lincoln Center. She can also be seen on Divx
in "Twilight," "The First Wives Club" and "Up Close
and Personal." Who is she?

4) The daughter of an NBC television president and
an actress, this tall, striking woman borrowed her
first name from a character in "The Great Gatsby."
Best known as the heroine Ripley in the "Alien"
films, she can also be seen in "The Ice Storm" and
"Working Girl," and has a non-speaking bit part in
Woody Allen's "Annie Hall." Who is she?

5) Born Ilynea Lydia Mirnoff in 1945, her
grandfather was a White Russian nobleman who fled
the 1917 Revolution; her father lead a quieter life
as a driver's license tester. She herself played
royalty as Queen Charlotte in the recent Divx
release "The Madness of King George." Who is she?

These movies and more are available NOW on Divx!
Visit http://www.divx.com/trivia.htm to order today!

Last Week's Answers:

1) After getting his start in regional theater
this character actor moved on to a recurring role
in the 1970's sitcom hit "All in the Family," but
he achieved his greatest fame playing opposite a
talking porcine character in the Australian family
film "Babe." Who is he? (Catch him in other Divx
Flix such as "Star Trek: First Contact,"
"Species II" and "Deep Impact.")
Answer: James Cromwell

2) "Army of Darkness", the third and final
installment in the "Evil Dead" series (all
directed by Sam Raimi) stars a man who used to
baby-sit for actor Ted Raimi, the younger brother
of Sam and Ivan (a writer). Currently writing a
book entitled "Confessions of a 'B' Movie Actor,"
this handsome guy can also be seen on Divx Flix
"Darkman" and "Escape From L.A." Who is he?
Answer: Bruce Campbell

3) This taciturn leading man of the '30s, '40s and
'50s got his start in Hollywood playing extras in
Westerns. The son of a Montana state supreme court
justice, he worked as a guide at Yellowstone
National Park before moving to Los Angeles in
hopes of becoming a newspaper cartoonist. The
personification of the "strong, silent type," this
Hollywood legend can be seen on Divx in the
Academy Award(r)-winning "For Whom the Bell Tolls."
Who is he? (Hint: "Yup.")
Answer: Gary Cooper

4) A native of Chihuahua, of Mexican-Irish
heritage, this actor began playing bit parts in
the 1930's and was married  for nearly 30 years to
Cecil B. DeMille's adopted daughter. A two-time
Academy Award(r)-winner, father of actors
Francesco, Valentina and Danielle, this legendary
personality of stage and screen can be seen on
Divx in the true story "Guadalcanal Diary" as well
as in "Jungle Fever" and "A Walk in the Clouds."
Who is he?
Answer: Anthony Quinn

5) Born in Georgia, but raised in Florida, this
son of a former cowboy was a football star in
college until he injured his knee. In real life
his grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee,
and his heritage had an effect on the parts he
played in his early career (he often played
characters that were part Native American). He
can be seen on Divx in "Smokey and the Bandit."
Who is he?
Answer: Burt Reynolds

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