Webmaster's Top 10 Divx Picks

The Abyss: Special Edition - James Cameron's classic underwater sci-fi epic features a sharp transfer, a booming DD 5.1 soundtrack, and 28 minutes of restored footage.

The Apartment - this AFI Top 100 classic, now released to DVD, boasts an Academy Award-winning screenplay, great performances, and some interesting insights into everyday life in the factory-like atmosphere of a circa-1960 New York City office.

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka - several original blaxploitation actors star in this parody of their old roles. Question: "What makes you think you've got what it takes to be a black hero?" Answer: "Well, I played football." One of the first titles I bought on Divx, and one of the first I watched!

Little Voice - in a bleak English fishing town, a meek, reclusive spinster (Jane Horrocks) hides an amazing talent that a sleazy talent scout, played by Michael Caine, is determined to exploit for his personal gain. Meanwhile, a pigeon-collecting telephone repairman (Ewan McGregor of Episode I) vies for her hand, but can he outmaneuver her domineering mother (Brenda Blethyn)?

Mallrats - I never thought hanging out at the local shopping mall could serve as a way of everyday life for anyone, but you learn something new everyday! Two underachieving, unemployed young men team up with Silent Bob and Jay to wreak havoc in the local mall, and win back their significant others in the process. Also features a cameo appearance by comic book legend Stan Lee.

The Misfits - the fact alone that it was the last picture for Clark Gable, and the last completed for Marilyn Monroe, gives this film its place in history. In addition to this, there are also some interesting glimpses into 1960-era Nevada, including small towns with dirt main streets and wooden sidewalks, casinos filled with vintage electro-mechanical slot machines, and Reno streets populated with chrome-laden and tailfinned 1950's cars.

Mulholland Falls - this modern day neo-noir, set in early 1950s Los Angeles, features Nick Nolte as an L.A. detective who stumbles upon a coverup conspiracy involving atomic bomb tests in Nevada. For those concerned about air quality, the scene featuring the gigantic atomic bomb crater serves as a reminder that at one time, nuclear tests sent vast amounts of radioactive dust into the atmosphere. Some things do change for the better!

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion - my very first Divx disc purchase, made before I even had a player. This colorful gem revolves around the efforts of two ditzy blondes to impress their ex-classmates with phoney personas during their 10th anniversary high school reunion. The tagline of "The Blonde Leading The Blonde" sums it all up!

Spaceballs - starring Rick Moranis, the late John Candy, and Mel Brooks himself, this outrageously wacky 1987 parody of the Star Wars films and their crass commercialism is all the more relevant today now that George Lucas has resumed making Star Wars films (and ever-tackier ones at that.) Purchasing a Spaceballs DVD in place of the Star Wars SE VHS box set will no doubt make a much clearer statement to George Lucas than signing a Star Wars-on-DVD petition. May the Schwartz be with you!

Some Like It Hot - a 1959 Billy Wilder comedy about two musicians in 1929 Chicago fleeing the city after they witness a gangland mass execution. Being broke, the only way they can get out of town is by joining an all-women band...and masquerading as women themselves! This AFI Top 100 treat features Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Marilyn Monroe in one of her most famous performances.